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We are convinced that science achieves its best results in a collaborative environment, where all lab members support each other to achieve their full individual as well as collective potentials.

Science must be strongly communicative, ranging from everyday encounters between coworkers in the lab to formal meetings all the way to outreach to the public. Our team values each member’s right to speak up and be heard, as much as we want them to listen to others.

We believe that diversity of thought and background are key for thinking outside of the box which is what solving the hardest problems always requires. We celebrate this diversity as it is fundamentally enriching the social environment that our welcoming team strives always to provide. To this end, we particularly welcome members of all gender identities, sexual orientations, disabilities, international and cultural backgrounds, religions, or skin colors to our team that share our democratic values.

Alex and the team fully support members who wish to have children in the group and actively promote the compatibility of an academic career with having a family and a healthy work-life-balance in every moment.

After all research offers many moments which are too exciting to be overshadowed by frustrations that shouldn’t exist in the first place.

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