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Group News

Find the latest happenings in the group here !!! :)

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  • Alex starts working from Bayreuth. The group will slowly move to Universität Bayreuth in the coming weeks and is excited for the new adventures at Bayreuth.

  • We enjoyed a Christmas celebration with Prof. Muller's group which included brunch, a visit to the Weihnachtsmarkt(Christmas market) Bebelplatz, Eisstockschießen (ice stock curling) and dinner.

  • Luise completed her bachelor thesis and we celebrated at LUISE restaurant (pun intended) Congrats to Luise🥳.

  • Alex joined University of Bayreuth as a tenure-track junior professor. Congratulations to Alex 🥳.

  • Attended the Christmas Lecture by Prof. Muller. See pics.

  • Merlin's first author paper on "Ring-opening terpolymerisation of phthalic thioanhydride with carbon dioxide and epoxides" was published in Polymer Chemistry.                                                             DOI:

  • Justus and Luise start their research internship and bachelor thesis in the group respectively.

  • The 23rd North German Doctoral Colloquium (23rd NDDK 2023) took place at the Institute for Chemistry and Biochemistry at FU-Berlin. Cesare presented his poster and Alex gave a talk at the conference.

  • We visited the Museum for Communication, Berlin for our group trip and enjoyed a nice dinner.     See pic

  • Our research article on CS2/oxetane copolymers in Nature Communications was chosen as the publication of the month by the chemistry department at FU-Berlin.

  • The paper on PTA/oxetane copolymer was on the front inside cover of Chemical Communications and was a part of the 2023 Emerging Investigators collection.

  • We celebrated birthdays and publications in the group with a BBQ . See images.

  • Alex attended the Bayreuth Polymer Symposium at University of Bayreuth.

  • Christoph's second paper from his Master thesis was published online in Chemical Communications. Congrats to all the authors involved :)

  • "Precise construction of weather-sensitive poly(ester-alt-thioesters) from phthalic thioanhydride and oxetane"​.


  • Fluorine summer school of CRC 1349 took place at FU-Berlin.         ​

  • Kailey starts her research internship in the group.

  • Two of our research articles were published online:

  • "Mechanistic mapping of (CS2/CO2)/epoxide copolymerization catalysis leads to  terpolymers with improved degradability" in Cell Reports Physical Science . 


  • "Precise cooperative sulfur placement leads to semi-crystallinity and selective depolymerisability in CS2/oxetane copolymers" in Nature Communications.


      Congratulations to all the authors!!!


  • David and Marie finish their research internship and bachelor thesis respectively.

  • Jenny starts her Master thesis. 

  • Enjoyed a fun tour of the Olympiastadion in Berlin with the Prof. Muller's group.

  • Cover article: Our publication on the mechanistic study of lithium catalysed sequence selective ring opening terpolymerisation is now a cover article in Catalysis Science and Technology.

      Check the cover page here on twitter

      DOI: 10.1039/D3CY00301A

  • Our recent paper "Lithium catalysed sequence selective ring opening terpolymerisation: a mechanistic study" in Catalysis Science and Technology is now online.

      DOI: 10.1039/D3CY00301A

  • Christoph finishes his Master's thesis in the group and joins as a PhD student.

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