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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do we do?

We design and investigate new polymerisation methodologies based on main-group elements for the synthesis of degradable and recyclable main group polymers. Read more...

2. Are there open positions in the group?

Any open positions will be updated in the OPEN POSITIONS tab under the "GROUP" menu.

3. How to get in contact for an internship or Master/Bachelor thesis in the group? 

Please send an email to Dr. Alex Plajer with your CV/resume and your application to get in contact.

5. Where are we located?

We are in labs F103 to F107 at Fabeckstraße 34-36 at FU-Berlin. 

Find us on Twitter/X

4. What is AG in AG Plajer?

AG is the short form of Arbeitsgruppe which translates to working group.

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